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When you’re in pain, I understand how tough it is to figure out what can really help. With 17 years experience helping people, you too can become pain-free, overcome persistent injuries and ultimately Find Health Freedom in Cookham.

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Better Health Starts With Why

At Freedom Health, I believe that the path to better health begins with open conversations about why you’re choosing to make a real difference to your life.

With almost 2 decades of experience in healthcare, Freedom Health stands as a beacon of trust and reliability in the Cookham community. So, start your journey with us today.

Juliet Hartis
Karis Hunt
Karis Hunt
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I would highly recommend Juliet (Freedom Health) to anyone experiencing mobility issues as I was (sciatica). She is incredibly knowledgeable and highly professional. I feel SO much better after just two sessions. She helped alleviate my specific problem, but also improved my overall mobility, relaxation and ability to sleep. (My stiff neck and upper back - are now quite rubbery :).
Annie Taylor
Annie Taylor
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I took my newborn baby to see Juliet as he was suffering with digestives issues, we had 3 appointments and they were so beneficial. I have since visited Juliet for my own back issues and she has helped me so much, i initially visited her in a lot of discomfort and after just 1 session i noticed a huge difference. Juliet is knowledgable, professional and gentle and puts you at ease. I highly recommend.
Laura Hurry
Laura Hurry
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I didn’t know what to expect but am so pleased I took my newborn to see Juliet. We had a forceps birth and although baby seemed to be healing very well we decided to book in following a recommendation. It was so gentle and Juliet made us all feel at ease. We saw a difference in our little one after the first appointment, she she seemed more settled and was latching on to feed a lot better. We had a follow up appointment to work further on her jaw and around her tummy and really couldn’t be happier with the results! Would highly recommend, especially after a difficult or traumatic birth. Thank you Juliet!
Nick Bonner
Nick Bonner
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My osteopath sessions with Juliet have been a game changer. For years I have suffered with stress and shoulder tension and the discomfort associated with it. A few sessions with Juliet has given me the relief I needed to break the endless cycle of stress and physical discomfort which would lead to more stress. Now that am now out of that cycle, I have much more energy throughout the day and I am able to be more present and achieve more both in work and family life. The treatment itself was gentle but effective. Juliet payed attention to my specific issues before addressing them. As the sessions progressed, the issues became more subtle. Each time Juliet would address these and give me additional exercises to perform in my own time, these really helped. Juliet was friendly, kind, professional throughout, and to be honest, just a lovely person. I couldn’t recommend her more. Thank you Juliet!
Ashley Keohane
Ashley Keohane
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I took my son to Juliet after he cried constantly for the first 4 months of his life. I had tried everything else thinkable, was at the end of my tether and a friend recommended Juliet for cranial osteopathy as he had a very fast entrance into the world. After one session I noticed a significant difference and after 3 sessions he is like a different child. I am so grateful to Juliet for giving me back my sanity and allowing my son to enjoy the world without being in discomfort! Thank you Juliet.
Lizzie H
Lizzie H
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Juliet is a kind, professional and very effective osteopath. What particularly impresses me is her ability listen carefully, analyse the situation and devise a tailor made plan to make you feel better as soon as possible. Juliet's treatment has made a fundamental and dramatic improvement to my wellbeing and I would recommend her to all ages.
Anna Richards
Anna Richards
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I have used Juliet on a number of occasions both for myself and my daughter. I have suffered from back pain mostly since having children - all that lifting and carrying has played havoc with my back muscles and I do find I suffer from an on/off ache in my upper back and shoulders. Juliet has been absolutely fantastic - she often squeezes me in last minute, and I always come away feeling better. She has a wonderful way about her: kind, calm but most importantly of all - effective. When my daughter was a baby, she suffered from colic which meant she cried for hours on end. I was recommended cranial osteopathy to help relieve the discomfort she was feeling. What a difference it made to my screaming baby! My daughter benefited greatly from this, even after only one session. I also found it helped my daughter when she was teething and I used Juliet as a cranial osteopath a number of times right up till my daughter was 18 months old. I highly recommend Juliet.

What is Health Freedom?

Health freedom is all about you taking the reins of your well-being.

It's about being proactive, informed and in control of your health.

It's not just about treatment, it's about empowerment, individuality, and making choices that align with your values.

Health freedom means you're the captain of your ship, navigating towards your version of health on your terms.

If that sounds like what you want, you'll love Freedom Health.

Freedom Health Services

My services extend beyond the hands-on treatment for sore joints and muscles, as I understand the profound connection between body and mind. By integrating natural methods and sustainable lifestyle guidance, I hope to empower you to achieve true health freedom.


Health Coaching

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Meet The Practitioners

Meet Your Osteopath & Health Coach, Jools Hartis

With a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for holistic well-being, Jools is an osteopath and health coach who’s dedicated to guiding you on your path to health freedom.

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Why You Should Choose Freedom Health

I understand that it can be overwhelming when you’re trying to find a healthcare professional in Cookham.

With lots of choices, it’s important to find the right practitioner for you.

That’s why if you also care about what I believe in, then you’ll love what I do here for my client’s at Freedom Health.

At Freedom Health, I understand that seeking healthcare can sometimes be daunting.

My commitment to being approachable means that every person who walks through my door is met with a warm and welcoming environment.

I want you to feel at ease, knowing that you can openly share your concerns and questions with me.

Life can be hectic. When was the last time you did something that was only for you?

That’s why I’ve created a space that’s all about you.

The Freedom Health clinic is designed to help you relax and unwind.

I believe that a peaceful environment enhances the healing process, allowing you to find relief during your visit.

A friendly smile can make a world of difference.

I hope to embody this value, ensuring that you’re not just another client, but a valued person.

I’m here to listen, understand, and guide you on your path to well-being.

My approachable demeanour is a testament to the compassion I hold for each person who entrusts me with their health journey.

With years of experience and expertise, Freedom Health stands as a beacon of trust and reliability in the Cookham community.

My established reputation reflects the unwavering commitment I have to providing high-quality care.

You can rest assured that your health is in capable hands.

At Freedom Health, I’m all about taking care of you as a whole – body and mind.

You’re not just a person looking for help – you’re looking for someone who takes the time to understand your needs.

I believe in treating you as a whole, helping you feel strong, energetic and happy in every way.

Your Osteopath in Cookham

I'm Ready When You Are

I understand that it takes an immense amount of trust when you’re looking for an osteopath in Cookham you can rely on to have your best interests at heart.

At Freedom Health, I’m passionate about helping you make that leap, knowing that I will do all I can to help you find your version of health freedom. 

You may not feel ready, but taking the first step is often the hardest and as an osteopath and health coach, that’s exactly what I can help you do.